students in class

Student Leadership

The greatest educational benefit of attending Folsom Preparatory School is the ongoing formative relationships your child makes throughout their foundational years. The relationships built within our caring community are meaningful and long-lasting. Your child will be deeply known and cared for, as an individual and as a learner. In our close-knit school community, every adult on campus gets to know every child.

As children mature through their years with us, they are confident knowing they are in a safe and nurturing learning environment, willing to take risks, explore, empower their personal voice, and develop their identity to make meaning of this complex world.

  • Our students develop authentic, meaningful relationships. Through service learning and community building activities, our students learn to relate to others in meaningful ways outside their own grade level.

  • Students can remain children without the peer pressure to “grow up” quite as quickly as in large schools. Students are prepared with skill sets, character formation, and global civility, qualities of higher standards that set private school students apart.