Students paying attention


The Folsom Kindergarten Program is second to none!

Our kindergarten is a full-day program, from 8:15am-3:30pm, with no naps. Our teachers have the time in the school day to address each child’s academic and social needs. A full day allows personalized instruction, the ability to teach to all learning styles, and time for a well-rounded curriculum. Our children learn to read, write, add, subtract, and spell in kindergarten. The teachers not only concentrate on literacy and numeracy, but also have their students investigate in science and explore social studies. To round out the program, the children have enrichment classes during the academic day as well: Spanish, Music, Art, PE, Library Time and Technology.

Among the advantages of our program is our commitment to a staffing ratio unsurpassed by other schools in our region. With our kindergarten classes going no higher than 21 students per class (average 17 per class), teachers are able to spend more time each day with each child. This translates into a more effective learning opportunity for your child.

You’ll find our kindergarten classes safe, clean, organized, professional, and educational—-everything you and your child deserve!