Best 5 Schools in Folsom, CA

Currently, Sacramento is the fastest-growing metropolitan city in California! If you’re looking to relocate to a cozy suburb, Folsom is filled with beautiful scenery and a historic feel. But let’s not forget about your kids! Folsom is home to a plethora of great schools for your children of all ages. To save you time, we’ve done the dirty work for you and compiled a list of the best schools in Folsom, CA.

Start your child’s academic career with a head start!

1. Folsom Preparatory School 

Bright minds begin at this K-5 private school in Folsom. With a program second to none, students at Folsom Preparatory School have access to small class sizes and differentiated learning methods. Folsom’s designated programs for each subject provide a well-rounded core education that builds over each grade.

With its state-of-the-art campus and caring teachers, your child will reach his or her maximum academic potential. In addition to the STEAM curriculum, Folsom’s emphasis on different leadership roles provides the ultimate education for your child.

For more information on enrolling at Folsom Preparatory School, make sure to contact (916)-353-0185 to schedule a visit.  

2. Ridgeview Elementary School

Creative minds ignite at Ridgeview Elementary School. A statewide leader in student performance, Ridgeview’s unique gardening program and nutritious meals make it a great option for parents! In addition, this school’s compliance with the California School Standards makes it one of the best schools in Folsom, CA.

3. Warren T Eich Middle School

Home to the roaring wildcats, Warren T Eich Middle School promotes academic and athletic success. With many national and state awards, Warren T Eich is an International Baccalaureate accredited school. Students have the opportunity to take advanced technology and woodshop as well as a mandatory foreign language requirement. In addition to their stellar academic programs, Warren T Eich is also committed to providing tasty, nutritional meals at a low price.

4. Vista Del Lago High School

Prepare your child for success at Vista Del Lago High School. Vista Del Lago’s mission statement is to provide a positive and relevant learning environment. This high school also has a strong athletics department in addition to its academic community and is a top-rated high school in the area. Consider Vista Del Lago today for your high schoolers!

5. Folsom High School

Last but not least, Folsom High School is renowned for its Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. With its various classes like Fashion 2 and Biotechnical Engineering, there’s a course for all interests at this high school. Folsom High also offers a variety of different extracurriculars and student activities throughout the year. Your teenager will surely have a blast at this highly-ranked high school!

Enroll your child now in one of the best schools in Folsom, CA.

So what are you waiting for? Folsom is full of so many fantastic options for schooling, whether your children are tiny tots or teenagers. Make sure to enroll your children in the best schools in Folsom, CA for their future academic success!