Top 5 Elementary Schools in Folsom, CA

Elementary school is the first mandatory educational level that all children need to complete. Because of this, choosing a good elementary school is a crucial step in a child’s development and future academic success. Though choosing the right elementary school is a difficult process, we’ve narrowed down the best elementary schools in Folsom, CA for you and your child.

Keep your pencils sharp at these top elementary schools in Folsom, CA!

Folsom Prep

Folsom Preparatory Academy is at the top of the list for its experienced staff and small classroom sizes! With a clear dedication to fostering creativity, independent thinking, and responsibility, Folsom Prep creates a challenging curriculum and Character Education program.

With plenty of one-on-one time with teachers, your child will soar through subjects like math, language arts, and social studies. In this welcoming learning space, state-of-the-art computer and engineering design labs are just some of the amenities Folsom Prep offers. Essentially, the stepping stones Folsom Prep offers ensure that your child has the practical skills needed for future academic success.

Contact Folsom Preparatory Academy at (916)-353-0185 for the best elementary school experience.

Parent Review:

“Folsom Preparatory is a great elementary school! They provide a very personalized curriculum for each student. What I feel really sets their program apart is the addition of community service and character-building programs. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a well rounded private elementary school.” -Parent Review via Facebook

Theodore Judah Elementary School

Spark lightbulb moments at Theodore Judah Elementary School. Creating a life-long impact on their pupils is their top priority. Their dedicated syllabus meets the California Common Core Standards, allowing your child to fly through each grade and master the curriculum. Additionally, kids are well prepared for future academic careers at this top-rated elementary school. Enroll your child on a path of success today!

Parent Review:

“Our family has had a great experience. The principal and teachers have always been visible and respond to any concerns. What you will get from your experience at Judah is compassion and empathy and a school of dedicated professionals.” -Parent Review via Great Schools

3. Blanche Sprentz Elementary

Blanche Sprentz goes above and beyond for every student’s education. This elementary school is dedicated to promoting individual growth and academic achievement among all students. Blanche Sprentz’s positive environment makes it easy for children to make friends and life-long memories. With their transitional kindergarten program and communicative faculty, your child will love their time at Blanche Sprentz.

Parent Review:

“Blanche Sprentz is an awesome neighborhood school with so much heart. The teachers and the principal care deeply about the kids and their education. This school is both economically and ethnically diverse, and the school community culture is a wonderfully supportive village. This is the hidden gem of Folsom!” -Parent Review via Great Schools

4. Folsom Hills Elementary School

The smiles of students at Folsom Hills Elementary School don’t lie! Your adventurers will thrive with Folsom Hill’s Project Lead The Way Curriculum, an interactive and immersive set of activities that prepare them for the future. For example, fun school field trips and an engaging classroom setting are just some of the amenities offered. Folsom Hills is one of the top 5 elementary schools in Folsom, CA for their unique approach to learning.

Parent Review:

“Excellent School!  I am proud to say I am part of the Briggs Ranch community and the Folsom Hills Elementary school. My two kids have made friends quickly, enjoy their teachers, and have improved their grades. I give the school an A+.” -Parent Review via Great Schools

5. Greenhills Elementary School

We round out this list with Greenhills Elementary School. At Greenhills, your child will grow and thrive in a comfortable, safe environment. Greenhills Elementary works hard to create a welcoming atmosphere by focusing on every child’s emotional and academic success. Their focus on family and community involvement make it the perfect place for your child to grow and thrive. Additionally, their qualified staff regards professional learning as a priority. Your child will grow and succeed at Greenhills!

Parent Review:

“Greenhills is exceptional. I’ve had kids here for five years and loved every minute of it. The tone starting with the principal down to every employee is one of caring and common sense. No politics getting in the way of doing the right thing here. Bullying is strongly discouraged and therefore virtually non-existent. Troublemakers are being dealt with by the principal himself. Parent participation is very welcome. Academics are very strong. The multi-age program is fantastic and with its buddy system builds character.” -Parent Review via Great Schools

Your child’s future starts today

In the end, elementary school is where children learn fundamentals, make lifelong friends, and have a great time. Don’t wait before it’s too late! Enroll your child in the elementary school that’s perfect for them.