Character Education

At Folsom Preparatory School we focus on teaching students life skills that they can use not only at school, but in their everyday lives. The life skills we teach are based on the principles outlined in Stephen Covey's book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," adapted for children. These habits contribute to a positive and supportive environment that enhances learning, collaboration, and overall well-being for both students and staff. Implementing these habits in an elementary school setting offers numerous benefits for our students.

Leadership: The habits emphasize leadership qualities by encouraging students to take initiative, work collaboratively, and inspire others, preparing them to be effective leaders in various aspects of their lives.

Positive Relationships: By promoting concepts like active listening, understanding others' perspectives, and valuing differences, the habits help children build positive and meaningful relationships with peers, teachers, and their community.

Emotional Intelligence: The habits address emotional awareness, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills, enhancing students' emotional intelligence and enabling them to handle challenges and conflicts more effectively.

Academic Success: The habits encourage effective study habits, time management, and a growth mindset, contributing to improved academic performance and a lifelong love of learning.


7 Habits of Happy Kids

A comprehensive framework for character development that provides a strong foundation for success, helping students develop into responsible, compassionate, and well-rounded individuals.

Be Proactive

You're In Charge

Begin With The End In Mind

Have A Plan

Put First Things First

Work First, Then Play

Think Win-Win

Everyone Can Win

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Listen Before You Talk


Together Is Better

Sharpen The Saw

Balance Feels Best