Character Education

Teaching, modeling, and reinforcing appropriate behavioral expectations have been shown to have a positive effect on student learning and positive character development. 9 distinct Life Skills have been integrated into Folsom Preparatory School's teaching philosophy to help students form the basis for acceptable academic and social behavior.

The following 9 Life Skills are integrated throughout our school as they serve the basis of our school’s character development program and code of conduct. Life Skill information is posted in the office, in the Multipurpose Room, as well as in every classroom. They guide students toward an understanding of which values and behaviors will enhance their ability to be successful. Teachers provide lessons and learning opportunities on these skills and students self-reflect and evaluate their own performance. We encourage parents to participate in this learning process by reinforcing the Life Skills at home.

Life Skills

These nine life skills serve as the basis of our school's character development program and code of conduct, and are posted throughout the school to continually guide our students.


To work together


The ability to understand and share the feelings of another


To act according to one's beliefs


To have mutual trust and caring


To take action when needed


To act according to what is right and wrong


To work in an orderly way


To keep at it


To do what is right