5th – 8th Grades

At Folsom, with our small class sizes, differentiated learning, and development of leadership skills, we are pleased to continue our tradition of a caring and supportive environment for students in grades 5 – 8.

Our Middle School Language Arts Program meets the needs of all students as students read challenging classical and contemporary pieces which include short stories, poetry, drama and nonfiction. Longer novels that appeal to the adolescent are also read, utilizing literature circles to engage in thoughtful conversations about the reading. Grammar, vocabulary, and literary terms are taught within the context of student reading. To complete their learning, students enthusiastically engage in hands-on projects and weekly writing assignments.


Our Social Studies Curriculum is rich in the teaching of history; studying civilizations and the vast array of issues that lead to their successes and failures. Weekly analysis of current events allows students to make connections between what they are studying and what is happening in the world today, bringing the students’ studies to life.


The Science Curriculum at Folsom Prep is driven by hands-on, student centered, inquiry based experimentation. Students, on average, conduct two investigations weekly that are the basis for mastery of each of the Next Generation Science Standards. Our newly remodeled science lab and the use of the most up to date curriculum give our students the advantage in the growing movement towards a more integrated STEM approach.


Our Math Program is common core aligned, combining a comprehensive math curriculum with easy-to-use technology. We challenge students to apply logic and reasoning in their daily lessons. Students leave Folsom Prep with a solid understanding of the concepts and a strong foundation in math.

Technology abounds at Folsom Prep and is interwoven throughout the curriculum on a daily basis. In addition, 6th grade students are excited to learn photography and produce the school yearbook while 7th and 8th grade students learn to program and create their own websites.


Middle school students have Spanish lessons three times a week, with the option of beginning or advanced classes. All students journal daily in Spanish, and we have an end of the year field trip to a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate our year and practice Spanish in a real world setting.


Folsom Prep middle school students traditionally take a one week outdoor education field trip. They also participate in team building field trips as well as history and science based outings. Our field trips are embedded in the curriculum. Exciting student learning begins before and extends after the field trips!


Above all, the 9 Life Skills that are so much a part of our instructional and social fabric continue to be embraced by our middle school students and faculty. Students entering our program in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade will find a welcoming student body and a staff dedicated to their success as a ‘middle school’ student!